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What is Coach My date?

Coach My Date is the first dating website that sets members up on fun first dates and lets them share feedback with each other after the date on how it went.

It's easy to get lost in today's dating world. With texting, messaging, social networking, and all the other stuff, there is so much uncertainty when it comes to dating. Does he or she like me? Where should we go for our first date? Do they want to go on a second date?

Coach My Date was created to get rid of all of that stress.

With Coach My Date we set you up on a date with someone compatible. We pick the place, set the time, and book the reservations. You just show up ready to have fun. And afterwards we let you and your date share feedback, thru our site, on how it went.

When members receive their feedback they can finally get an idea of how they present themselves on a first date and they can see if there was a mutual spark on the date. Members can use their feedback to see what they do well on a first date, and what they may want to do better. And if there was a mutual connection, they can use their feedback to give them insight into their dating partner's preferences before they go on their next date together.

How are dates set up?

After you create your profile and fill out a quick questionnaire about yourself and what you're looking for, you select what type of date venue you'd like to have your date at and what nights you're free. Coach My Date then reviews your info, finds a great match for you, and sets up the date. It's just up to you to "accept" the date and show up ready to have fun.

Is it okay if I decline the date?

You can certainly decline the date. But remember, we match our dates on a first-come first-serve basis. So if you decline, we'll have to put your name back on the bottom of the list. We'll be happy to find another match for you, but it may take us a little time to set-up your next date.

What types of dates can I go on?

Coach My Date offers fun and social dating options at great local establishments. The three general options Coach My Date offers are Dinner, Drinks, or a Fun Activity (like a trip to a museum or aquarium, or a show). Each week we'll offer different places that fall into one of these categories.

How does giving feedback after the date work?

The day after your date you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire on how the date went. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete and covers various topics about the date. When you're done, and your date is done with theirs, Coach My Date will send the feedbacks to both of you.

How does receiving feedback work?

Sometime 1 - 3 days after your date, Coach My Date sends you a form that contains feedback about how your date went. The feedback comes directly from your date partner. Coach My Date also links that feedback with information from your profile to provide you "enhanced" feedback. "Enhanced" feedback matches feedback from your partner to your personality traits, dating preferences, and characteristics.

What if I end up liking my dating partner and want to go on a second date with him or her?

That's one of the best parts of Coach My Date. When you receive your feedback after the date, you'll know if your partner shared a mutual interest. If he or she did, go for it! Of course you can always share how you feel outside of the feedback. But just in case, we're here to take the ambiguity out of dating. So you get to have stress-free fun for a change!

Is Coach My Date open to the LGBT community?

Of course. We are open to all members of the LGBT community.

Who can see my profile on Coach My Date?

Only the Coach My Date team can see all of your profile information. When you have a date set-up your prospective dating partner will see a summary about you, which will include your picture. Other than that everything from your profile is kept completely private.

How much does it cost?

Creating an profile is free. After you create your profile you'll have the option to make yourself available to be set-up on a date. The cost per date is $15 $9.99 for a limited time! Here's everything the charge covers: Any expenses you incur on the actual date (like drinks at the bar, or admission into a museum) are not included in the fees listed above. If you're on a budget we recommend selecting one of the less expensive date types, like Drinks or an Activity, which are typically very fun and affordable first dates.

Are there any perks for giving valuable feedback?

Definitely. After your dating partner receives your feedback he or she will rate how effective it is. Based on how beneficial they believe your feedback was, you will receive a "feedback rating" score (1-5 stars). As you continue to give great feedback your overall score will go up. Coach My Date will offer our top "coaches" some fun perks like discounts to local restaurants and events, discounts on our site, and special privileges on our site. We want our members to receive the best feedback - so if you're truly great at giving feedback, we want to make sure you keep giving it!

How many dates should I go on?

If you're trying out Coach My Date exclusively because you'd like to become a better first dater, we suggest going on 3 dates. After 3 dates you should have the perfect amount of feedback to be an excellent first dater. If you're on Coach My Date to have fun, meet new people, share feedback along the way, and hopefully be matched with someone you share a connection with, then as long as you're having fun keep going on dates. And always feel free to contact us with your feedback on how the process is working for you.

What cities is Coach My Date available in?

We are launching in Chicago first. We plan to expand into additional cities soon after.

Why haven't I seen anything like Coach My Date before - with "just for fun" dates and date feedback?

Because until now it hasn't existed. Coach My Date invented this idea and we currently have a patent pending for it. You won't be able to find anything like this anywhere else.

What if I end up liking my dating partner and want to go on a second date with him or her?

Then go for it! We will say that there's a chance your dating partner is only on the date for fun and looking to share feedback after - so he or she can become a better first dater. But sometimes there may be a spark. So if you feel there is one - go for it - ask your partner on a second date.

If I want to sign-up now what do I do?

Go to the homepage at coachmydate.com and click "sign up". Coach My Date isn't live yet. But if you sign-up now we'll send you notifications as we near the go-live date. And you'll be first on our list of dates to set-up.

If I have more questions how can I reach you?

Email us at info@coachmydate.com with any question you may have. And we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
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Tired of bad first dates? Want to actually have fun dating?
We can help.
How it Works
How it Works
How it Works
Sign-Up It's free.
You will select the type of date you're interested in going on
Drinks Dinner Activity
Drinks Dinner Activity
days that you're available
Days Available
and if you want to go on single or double dates.
On double dates, each date partner gets to bring a friend along. It's fun!
Get Set Up We handle the details.
We set up the place, time, and person.
You choose to accept or decline.
Accept Decline
The dates are low-pressure and fun, and you'll get to share feedback afterwards.
Share Feedback After the date.
Log-in after your date, and you'll be presented with a feedback form.
It takes about 10 minutes to complete.
When your partner submits his/her feedback, we do some data crunching.
We combine your partner's feedback with the data from our servers.
You then get a customized, consolidated feedback infographic.
You get useful tips about what you could work on, what you're doing right,
and if there was a mutual spark!
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